Aikens May 2011 Field Data

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Aikens Pad field data collected by Nick Flanders (NF) and Jason Wolfe (JW) on May 17, 2011.[1]

Site ID Collector Time pH TDS (ppm) Cond. (µS) Temp. (C°) Comments
A-01 NF, JW 130 stream below compressor
A-02 NF, JW 125 below culvert
A-03 NF, JW 113 first confluence
A-04 NF, JW 71 10 yd downstream at bend
A-05 NF, JW no data
A-06 NF, JW 61 next confluence with a small tributary
A-07 NF, JW no data
A-08 NF, JW 66 next confluence
A-09 NF, JW no data
A-10 NF, JW no data
A-11 NF, JW 68 where stream empties into reservoir
A-12 NF, JW 49 next spring along bank
A-13 NF, JW 29 spring in pines
A-14 NF, JW 80 next spring
A-15 NF, JW no data
A-16 NF, JW 197 beside pump
A-17 NF, JW no data
A-18 NF, JW no data
A-19 NF, JW 52 below culvert
Average values 87


  1. Only TDS data was collected during this sampling period.

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