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The table below links to all Beaver Run Project summary reports for each individual sampling site location. Active site numbers are listed first, followed by historical/archived sites.[1] All reports contain field data measurements, but only streams and reservoir reports contain lab results.

Beaver Run Project Site Summary Reports of Field and Lab Data
Location Name Active Sampling Sites Inactive Sampling Sites[1]
Stream Sites (B) 01, 02, 03A, 03C, 05, 05A, 06, 07, 08A, 09A, 10A, 11, 13A, 14A, 15, 16, 16A, 17, 18A, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26 03, 04, 08, 09, 10, 13, 13B, 14, 18, 21, 24
Reservoir Sites (R) R-01, R-02, R-03, R-04, R-05, R-06, R-07
Aikens Pad Sites (A) A-01, A-02, A-04, A-08, A-09, A-10, A-11, A-12, A-14, A-15, A-16, A-17, A-18, A-19 A-03, A-05, A-06, A-07, A-13, A-20
DeArmitt Pad Sites (D) D-01, D-03, D-04, D-05, D-06, D-07, D-08, D-09, D-11, D-12, D-13, D-15, D-16, D-17, D-18 D-02, D-10, D-14[2], D-19, D-20, D-12
Gaut Pad Sites (G) G-01, G-03, G-04, G-07, G-09, G-10, G-11, G-12 G-02, G-05, G-06, G-08
Hutchinson Pad Sites (H) H-02, H-03, H-04, H-05, H-06, H-08, H-12, H-14 H-01, H-07, H-09, H-10, H-11, H-13
Kuhns Pad Sites (K) K-01, K-02, K-03, K-05, K-07, K-08, K-10, K-12, K-13 K-04, K-06, K-09, K-11
Mamont 1 Pad Sites (S)[3] S-02, S-03, S-04, S-07, S-08, S-09, S-10, S-11, S-13, S-14, S-15, S-17, S-19, S-20 S-01, S-05, S-06, S-12, S-16, S-18, S-21
Mamont 2 Pad Sites (M) M-01, M-02, M-03, M-04, M-05, M-06, M-07, M-08, M-09
Shaw Pad Sites (W)[4] W-03, W-04, W-05, W-06, W-07, W-10, W-12, W-13, W-14 W-01, W-02, W-08, W-09, W-11


  1. ^ a b Each project location (e.g., pads or streams) has a number of associated sampling sites. Over the course of the project, some new sites were added, while some were dropped from further consideration. A dropped site is usually the result of redundancy with another adjacent site, a change in topography due to drilling activities, or a site that has been consistently dry or unavailable for field measurements.
  2. ^ Site D-14 was removed by construction activities after the initial site designation. Therefore, there are no field data for this site.
  3. ^ Mamont 1 Pad sites are designated with a "S" instead of "M" because this site was originally named the Stewart Pad.
  4. ^ Shaw Pad sites are designated by "W" instead of "S" because the Stewart Pad (now Mamont 1 Pad) had been previously designated.