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This is a summary report of all data for Shaw Pad site 01.

See Interpreting field and lab reports for more detailed information about the data in these tables.

Field Data Summary

Below is a field data summary report for this site, including averages and standard deviations of all measureable parameters. Collector initials are explained here.

Date Collector(s) Time pH TDS (ppm) Cond.(μS) Temp.(°C) Comments
2013/03 (Q08) AH, DT, JK, BO 11:30 8.16 87 163 7.4 low flow - head
2013/06 (Q09) AH, DT dry[1]
2013/09 (Q10) ASo, DT, JV 10:45 6.44 137 274 15.8 very low flow
2014/01 (Q11) JV, MP 11:15 7.77 75 149 4.8 almost stagnant
2014/03 (Q12) JV, MP 9:55 too low to obtain reading
2014/06 (Q13) JV, MP 13:50 dry
2014/09 (Q14) BO, BF 10:10 dry
2014/12 (Q15) dropped[2]
Averages: 7.46 100 195 9.3
Standard Deviations: 0.90 33 68 5.7


  1. ^ A site denoted as "dry" indicates an active sampling site that has little or no water present for field measurements.
  2. ^ A site denoted by "dropped" means that this sampling point will no longer be visited for field or lab data collection. Reasons for dropping a sampling point may include: redundancy with other sites; site is no longer accessible; land use changes may have removed the site (e.g., new road, culvert, etc.). This site will not appear in future data reports unless reactivated.