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This is a summary report of all data for Mamont 1 Pad site 12.

See Interpreting field and lab reports for more detailed information about the data in these tables.

Field Data Summary

Below is a field data summary report for this site, including averages and standard deviations of all measureable parameters. Collector initials are explained here.

Date Collector(s) Time pH TDS (ppm) Cond.(μS) Temp.(°C) Comments
2012/03 (Q04) RC, AH 13:00 7.91 44 92 5.9 low flow
2012/06 (Q05) BF, AH dry[1]
2012/09 (Q06) BF, AH 12:35 dry
2012/12 (Q07) BF, SD 12:36 7.92 37 74 7.3 low flow
2013/03 (Q08) not sampled
2013/06 (Q09) DT, JV 10:48 7.40 64 119 16.8 very low flow
2013/09 (Q10) ASo, DT, JV 16:01 6.99 60 120 18.4 low flow, water murky
2013/12 (Q11) SD, BF flooded by reservoir
2014/03 (Q12) TH, BO, ET, DT 11:18 6.50 43 89 3.4 moderate flow
2014/06 (Q13) TH, DT, JV, MP dry
2014/09 (Q14) BO, ET, IT, BF 11:01 dry
2014/12 (Q15) dropped[2]
Averages: 7.34 50 99 10.4
Standard Deviations: 0.61 12 20 6.8


  1. ^ A site denoted as "dry" indicates an active sampling site that has little or no water present for field measurements.
  2. ^ A site denoted by "dropped" means that this sampling point will no longer be visited for field or lab data collection. Reasons for dropping a sampling point may include: redundancy with other sites; site is no longer accessible; land use changes may have removed the site (e.g., new road, culvert, etc.). This site will not appear in future data reports unless reactivated.