Reservoir Sites

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Quarterly Sampling Reports

Reports were collected from reservoir sampling sites during the following periods:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016[1] 2017 2018
Jun. (P01) Apr. (P04) May (P07) Jun. (P10) May (P13) May (P16) Apr. (P18) May (P21)
Aug. (P02) Jul. (P05) Jul. (P08) Sep. (P11) Jul. (P14) Jul. (P19) Jul. (P22)
Oct. (P03) Oct. (P06) Oct. (P09) Oct. (P12) Sep. (P15) Oct. (P17) Sep. (P20) Oct. (P23)

Individual Sampling Sites

Unless otherwise noted, quarterly sampling of reservoir sites began in June 2011 for each of the sites below. All samples are gathered from approximately 5 ft. from the bottom of the reservoir. Selecting a bottle site will take you to its summary report page that includes both field and lab data summaries.


  1. ^ Reservoir samples were only gathered twice in 2016 due to mechanical difficulties with the MAWC boat.
  2. ^ Site R-07 was added in July 2013.