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Below are various maps to better describe the locations of the Beaver Run Project.

Location of Beaver Run

Beaver Run location in southwestern Pennsylvania

Figure 1. Location of Beaver Run in Westmoreland County.

Locations of Marcellus Pad Sites

Beaver Run Marcellus pad sites.Kuhns PadGaut PadAikens PadShaw PadDeArmitt PadHutchinson PadMamont 1 PadMamont 2 Pad
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Figure 2. Locations of Marcellus well pad sites in relation to Beaver Run Reservoir.

Locations of Stream and Reservoir Sampling Sites

Locations of Beaver Run Project bottle collection sites.Site 01Site 02Site 03Site 03ASite 03CSite 04Site 05Site 05ASite 06Site 07Site 08Site 08ASite 09Site 09ASite 10Site 10ASite 11Site 13Site 13ASite 13BSite 14Site 14ASite 15Site 16Site 16ASite 17Site 18Site 18ASite 19Site 21Site 22Site 23Site 24Site 25Site 26Site R01Site R02Site R03Site R04Site R05Site R06Site R07
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Figure 3. Locations of sites where water samples have been collected.