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Because this is a semi-private wiki
-ANYONE can read the content of this wiki.
-Only registered users may add/delete/edit content on this wiki.
Some limited information is "collected" when you
-Register an account or update your user page
-Make edits to existing pages or create new pages
Other than the information that is displayed in the log files (change logs, etc.)
-we do NOT give out your information to anybody
-we do NOT ask that you publish private information on a user page, etc.
Be aware
-Any content you add or change will be publicly and permanently available to anyone viewing this wiki.
-Our community of editors and contributors is a self-policing body. Certain administrators of this wiki use tools that grant them limited access to nonpublic information about recent contributions so they may protect the site and enforce policies.
-For the protection of this wiki and its users, if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you may not use this wiki.