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Field data adjacent to well pad sites, and field data and water samples from surface bottles sites are gathered from Beaver Run sites on a quarterly basis (usually March, June, September, and December of each year). Field data and water samples from reservoir bottle sites are gathered three time per year (between May to October).[1]

Field Data Collection

During a sampling period at pad sites and surface bottle sites, field personnel travel to each site with a hand held pH combination meter that is used to measure specific parameters:

  • temperature (°C)
  • electrical conductivity (, or microSiemens)
  • total dissolved solids (in ppm)
  • pH

For each pad site, the meter is placed in available streams or pools of water, and all measurements above are recorded along with the time and date of the sampling. Other comments may be noted. If a site has no available water for taking a measurement, it is noted as "dry".

See the field data page for the quarterly data collected from pad and bottles sites.

Water Sample Collection

For each surface bottle site, a new 1-Liter plastic (HDPE)[2] bottle with screw-top lid is rinsed with the water and then filled as high as possible. The field meter is then placed in the bottle to record field measurements, and the time and data are recorded. The bottle is then sealed and labeled with the date and site designation. All sample bottles are placed in a cooler for storage and transport back to the IUP campus for further lab analysis.

See the lab data page for quarterly lab analyses of the bottle site samples.


  1. Water sampling of reservoir sites requires the use of the water authority's boat, which is taken off the lake from November through March because of ice.
  2. High density polyethylene.

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