Hutchinson Sep 2015 Field Data

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Hutchinson Pad field data was collected by Brian Okey (BO), Nathan Harpster (NH), and Stephanie Walters (SW) on September 20, 2015. Weather was noted as sunny with some clouds.

Site ID Collector Time pH TDS (ppm) Cond. (uS) Temp. (C) Comments
H-01 BO, NH, SW dropped[1], redundant with bottle site 19
H-02 BO, NH, SW 10:07 7.01 236 480 14.6 moderate flow
H-03 BO, NH, SW 10:18 7.65 118 240 16.3 low flow
H-04 BO, NH, SW 10:20 7.53 150 296 15.6 low trickle, puddles
H-05 BO, NH, SW 10:21 too low to sample
H-06 BO, NH, SW 10:27 7.83 99 200 15.1 low trickle
H-08 BO, NH, SW 10:50 7.33 99 201 14.5 very low flow
H-10 BO, NH, SW 11:00 dry[2]
H-11 BO, NH, SW 11:04 dry[2], overgrown with vegetation
H-12 BO, NH, SW 10:13 7.33 231 466 14.5 moderate flow
H-14 BO, NH, SW 10:44 7.29 72 156 15.6 very low flow, barely reaching reservoir
Average values 7.42 144 291 15.2


  1. A site denoted by "dropped" means that this sampling point will no longer be visited for field or lab data collection. Reasons for dropping a sampling point may include: redundancy with other sites; site is no longer accessible; land use changes may have removed the site (e.g., new road, culvert, etc.). This site will not appear in future data reports unless reactivated.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Site denoted as "dry" indicates an active sampling site that has little or no water present for field measurements.

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