Abandoned Mine Drainage

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Abandoned mine drainage (AMD), or sometimes acid mine drainage, is a common environmental concern in many areas of the United States and other countries where mining activities have occurred. In Southwestern Pennsylvania, and particularly in areas near the Beaver Run Reservoir, AMD is a concern because of the impacts it has on local waterways. Briefly, the effects of AMD include: an increased level of acidity (e.g., lower pH, and thus lower stream alkalinity; higher levels of total dissolved solids (TDS); and the introduction of or higher levels of certain metals and salts (e.g., iron, manganese, aluminum, sulfates, etc.). In the sections below, we describe the basic principles of AMD, the effects of AMD on water quality, and the steps being taken to attenuate AMD effects in our region.

The Basics of AMD

Effects of AMD on Water Quality

AMD Remediation

Notes and References

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